Wednesday, October 19, 2011

a proud and blind eye

I don't know where you stand on the Occupy Wall Street movement and I admit my own relative ignorance

however, I have heard far too many people simply writing it off

they right it off in various ways and for various reasons

I don't need to go into the detail here

however, it saddens my heart greatly to hear people who simply condemn the movement based on their limited knowledge

regardless of how you view demonstrations and an occupy movement - there are obvious problems in this world that need to be addressed

the thing is - I think most of us know it too

but it costs too much to enter in this discussion

possibly our way of life
possibly our level of comfort
and definitely how we view our own standard of living and vicariously how we view others'

now, I'm not saying you should go get a tent and set up in your given location

what I am saying is - before you write it off and go back to your life, consider why you don't care enough to engage

there have been many who question the essence of such a movement, asking "what is it that 'they' want"

a decent critique

however, having received no clear answer they write it off as disillusionment

but what if the underlying problems are bigger than a simple, quantifiable answer?

now, I'm an advocate that those who point to a problem provide a potential solution

but turning a proud and blind eye is far worse than simply pointing to a problem

this world is broken and we all know it

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