Wednesday, October 26, 2011

have you plateaued?

I've been digging me some Neil Cole lately - having recently finished his book, Church 3.0 and now on to Organic Leadership

in Organic Leadership, Cole presents a list of characteristics of a spiritually plateaued leader from Terry Walling

I would like to share them with you (specifically spiritual leaders) though I won't go into the explanation - the points speak well enough for themselves:

a spiritually plateaued leader:

1) avoids relationships of personal accountability.

2) rarely applies the truths of God's Word to him- or herself personally.

3) has replaced his or her joy, peace, and love with envy and resentment.

4) frequently looks for greener pastures in other places.

5) finds faults in others more often than in self.

6) is burned-out form lots of busyness that has been substituted for simple intimacy with Christ.

7) compromises on ethical principles once held dear.

8) stays within safe areas of expertise rather than branching out into new learning endeavors.

9) is unable to acknowledge the wisdom of others.

10) has reduced the Christian life to routine.


I know I'm not the only one convicted by these statements

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