Wednesday, October 12, 2011

awkward and insecure

to my disenchanted, disenfranchised friends

brothers and sisters

there is hope

you may think that change is seemingly impossible - that reevaluation is out of the question

you see a dying church


and you may very well be right in most of these accusations

however, there is hope

problem is - that hope may very well be found in you (actually, not a problem in my mind)

I know your love for Jesus
I know your love for people

and believe me, I know there is a lot to dislike about the Church - but don't lose your love for it

and if you have already 'fallen out of love' - see her again with new eyes

that awkwardly insecure little girl looking for love and life and meaning - just waiting for you to gently take her hand (even though she probably doesn't even realize it)

join me - not with all the answers, but with a deep desire to see her become the beautiful woman our God created her to be

1 comment:

Terry said...

Great comments Ty . . . The church is what we make it . . . Like anything it always takes passion!