Thursday, October 27, 2011

the impact of being plateaued

as a follow-up to yesterday's post - here are 6 areas of impact of poor leadership because of a spiritually-plateaued leader as found in Organic Leadership:

1) Poor leadership needs to control all ministry.

2) Poor leadership needs to filter God's voice.

3) Poor leadership promotes upper-class Christianity.

4) Poor leadership emphasizes knowledge at the expense of obedience.

5) Poor leadership sees church as a worship service more than a service of worship.

6) Poor leadership is lured by fame and fortune.


I had this huge, heart-felt response to these questions written - but it was lost

now, I'm sure if I have the strength to re-write it


maybe later...


Anonymous said...

Could we add another? Poor leadership fear forces from outside their control?

Thank you for posting this. Would you say that good or strong leadership is the opposite of these things?

Which one of the 6 do you feel you struggle with most?

- Ryan

tysonliske said...

fearing forces outside their control?

yes, I think that goes along with tending to need to be in control.

so anything outside of that control would be scary indeed.

had I not lost the majority of this post, I would've addressed your other questions.

I'll probably post again in answer to these.


Terry said...

Another one with these many true 'I'll-leader' quotes is Leadership is simply leading others to the ship and if you are a poor leader the ship usually sinks.