Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I'm a pastor.

what this entails continues to befuddle me

but I spend most of my time with people in all different capacities
sometimes it means coffee, sometimes it means hospitals, sometimes it means preaching and teaching
but always people.

which works out great because I love people

I enjoy getting to know them
what makes them happy. what makes them sad

I enjoy hearing their stories and telling some of my own

mostly I enjoy listening


I grow tired

not of people - but I need some space

and for me, one of the best forms of therapy is working with my hands

after days of reading and writing, meeting with people, talking, thinking, etc. I can think of little else that revives me as doing something physical and shutting my mind off

my therapy is relatively mindless and blissful and preferrably outside

for many in trades and other physical jobs, they relax by reading or doing something non-physical

it's the opposite for me

I think it has something to do with pure physical exertion and more immediate results - there is something to see and admire for what I have done - like creation

I can step back, fold my arms and feel good - knowing that I DID something

because the majority of my days are much more subtle

serving people is subtle. rarely are there times that I can say "there - I DID that" and mostly because that comes off as selfish - I think you get what I'm saying

but there are those times as I walk with someone through a defining moment in their life and know - this is the only thing for me

those are the moments I cling to

...oh yeah - and golf.

so, what is your therapy?

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