Wednesday, October 13, 2010


there is an interesting thing that happens to me as I go through this life

apparently as a pastor I carry around this thing that I like to call pastor-guilt

and it's not what you'd expect that to be

it's not me, as a pastor carrying around guilt, rather it's how I obviously make people feel

it goes like this...

I run into someone I haven't seen in awhile and stop to see how they're doing and catch up on life

now, if this persons knows/remembers that I'm a pastor - they'll go into this rambling of guilt-ridden prose

"oh yeah, I know that I haven't been to church in a while"
"I've been doing this and that..."
"I've really been meaning to do this"

I never know quite how to respond

it makes me feel bad actually - making people feel guilty just at that sight of me - yikes

so, in an effort to avoid these situations in the future, let me say this:
- do good
- do those things you feel compelled to do
- don't let guilt run your life
- do right by God
- if you're feeling guilty about something, maybe there is something to it - but please, don't place it on me
- I honestly just want to know how you're doing

but maybe you already told me

1 comment:

canadianhumility said...

You very rarely disappoint me, my friend. I thoroughly enjoyed this post.

I hope this makes you feel better about the pastor guilt thing. You see, I very rarely consider you a pastor anymore.

That is just your occupation.

I prefer the term friend. And given my relationship with many pastors, I think that the term "friend" is a much better explanation of my relationship with you.

Nonetheless - I thoroughly enjoyed this post.