Wednesday, November 2, 2011

kudos (I see you)

a little encouragement for you today:

you love God deeply
you know God's love for you
you love people intentionally because of the love you have received

and I see you

you may think nobody knows and nobody cares - but you're wrong

you may never fully realize the implications of your service...and that's ok

God has chosen to work through you and He will reward you for your faithful obedience

is that enough for you?

don't give up
don't grow tired of doing good
delve further into faith - to the point where you NEED God

that person/ thing/ endeavour that you are feeling pulled towards - run to it

if this is where you're at - take courage, you are not alone

I know you do not serve for the kudos - but I'm giving them anyways


you are no longer a zombie and middle-management does not satisfy


Nalanda said...


Read it again for yourself, too.

Cath said...

we need more reminders that we need God...somehow in our little finite minds we forget so easily