Wednesday, September 23, 2009

why church?

attention, attention (said in French, obviously) churchy-types,

so, why church?
really, why are you a part of a Christian community?

I'm interested to know - mostly because I wonder about the reasons people would give.

my pessimism wonders:
- guilt?
- obligation?
- habit?

man, I hope it's something deeper than that. man, I want to be bombarded with stories of hope and love, forgiveness and care, compassion and faith.

so, what is it for you? why church?


pilgrim said...

I am a part of the church. I do go to church, I don't support a church, I don't follow a church.
I am a living breathing part of it, and to deny that would be to deny life. I believe in every cell of my body, that I was bought at high cost and adopted in, and now in every way belong to the one they called Yeshua.
And the church is this Yeshua fellow's body.

My biggest question for myself, is why do I ever venture off? Why do I leave the other members of this body, to go to work, to "live"? I'd much rather stay in fellowship with those I know care about me deeply and that I immensely enjoy their company and care for them.
But I'm promised that I'll do that for eternity.
My pessimism wonders: why am I part of the worldly community?

I'd have to quote you anthem, "man, I hope it's something deeper than that. man, I want to be bombarded with stories of hope and love, forgiveness and care, compassion and faith."

Anonymous said...

why church? it's very simple . . . thinking of the alternatives that the world offers . . . I say, why not? The world is an ugly place and thankfully there is a place of refuge, peace and love. It's easy to say -it's out of habit or just because. But it's not until you see the RESULTS that you know it's the right thing. Having been brought up in church my whole life, I'm very thankful I don't have to walk this road of 'life on earth' by myself. Others have gone before us and trod the ground to help us see the 'miracles' of every day life around us. My forefathers before me, had the same realization and understanding to see that there is hope in church. Seeing the fruits of 'being there' and ministering to the hopeless and lost (lost in the world), it wasn't hard to believe. After all, I think our world, that we know, would have already been destroyed by the hatred, anger and mere crap if it wasn't for the church - to bring balance and more so the only hope for tomorrow. We know this world is coming to an end, it's just when and are we ready to accept what lies before us. Both my grandfathers were pastors and I saw first hand the awesome task they faced, and now two of my sons are pastors who continue on this same path . . . it ain't easy, but I'm glad they did to give us all HOPE!

Anonymous said...

I am a part of the church! Honestly there was a point in time not to long ago where I would have said that I was a part of the church out of obligation..which now when I look back at that, it hurts to think I even thought that way!
So I am a part of the church..not out of obligation but out of Love, and by love alone. Because of His love, because of His compassion, because of His forgiveness, I can say that I am a part of one amazing family!! One which at times is disfunctional..I would be lying if I said that it wasn't..and if we are all honest we can all say we have been a part or a cause in some disfunction in this family.
We are all called to be a part of the body, which is so amazingly knit together!
So I guess the clear answer of now would be -I am a part of the christian community... By faith that this is His family and out of faith that He is coming back for His bride! But more so out of love for His family..and the people He loves.
Through many personal experiences..and when I say many I mean many, many, Family is so important, to keep you grounded to keep you on track, to hold you accountable, to help you take the next step when you don't know how, to encourage you to follow when you are unsure, to love you for you, even when you don't deserve it or want it, to care unconditionally. God has put this family there/here for show us all of these things!
For Me maybe it is better if I say I am not a part of a christian community but I am a part of a very large family with a lot of brothers and sisters. I am very proud to be a part of this family His family!

Sorry if this doesn't make total sense..I am pretty exhausted, but hopefully you can see my point or hear my heart through it! And sorry it isn't thought through to be elegantly written.

Tyson..I love your blogs..every once in a while I see them on your status and check them out, I love your questions, your honesty, and the heart you have for your family and for God!


canadianhumility said...

A good question - and one that I can't answer, because I don't consider myself a part of church anymore. I don't attend regularly, and I have no interest in making it a part of my life anymore.

I was exhausted of being loved on Sundays and forgotten the rest of the week. I was exhausted of sacrificing hundreds of hours of personal time to the church every year in volunteering and having personal ideals and beliefs compromised and ignored. I was exhausted of feeding a system and not being fed.

To the church I was nothing more than a commodity or a resource; I was a tool to be used to maintain the church and support its growth. I was an employee.

And my vision of church is that members should be so much more than employees.

God's love doesn't exist in churches unless you agree with the love that is presented by God at the pulpit.

But, for some reason I plan on attending tomorrow. Perhaps because my vision of church is that members should be so much more than employees.

But probably because I am selfish; I know I will leave frustrated, and that, through this frustration, my own understanding of God will support itself.