Tuesday, September 8, 2009

what is wrong with your life?

one aspect of this blog (read: life) that I've always struggled with is the degree of vulnerability to have just out there in the open for anyone with an internet connection to read. (just writing that is more vulnerable than I care to be)

with that in mind, let me share something that I typically reserve for those in my inner-circle.

I think running is crazy!

there, I said it.

I'm talking running for running's sake.

now, before you lecture me about the all the benefits of running, let me say - I have many friends and family who willingly choose to subject themselves to this form of self-punishment.

with the Queen City Marathon coming up in a few days, I've been seeing an inordinate amount of people jogging (they call it running - but it's not). but this is something typically bubbling under the surface of my mind often.

and now I think it's the time to get this off my chest:
Dear runners (but you and I both know you're joggers),

What is wrong with your life that makes you subject yourself to this?
Who are you running from?
What are you running from?
Why do you loathe yourself so much?
stop sweating and huffing and puffing long enough to sit down and talk to me about this, shall we?

Love, a non-jogger.

I see 3 groups in regards to jogging:
- crazy people who jog
- people who wished they were crazy enough to jog
- Tyson

before I alienate the sliver of readership I do have even further, let me say that I have the utmost respect for those of you who run-jog, the thing is - I just don't get it and would really like an explanation.

but more importantly, I was thinking about motivation.

today, I don't feel all that motivated and it got me to thinking: what motivates people?
and that got me to thinking: who are highly motivated people?
and that got me to thinking: joggers seem highly motivated, what motivates them?

so, you crazy/ self-driven people - what is it that motivates you?


an admirerer said...

what motivates me is the desire to piss you off as I run with my tight running shorts, knee highs and a giant smile on my face knowing that I am taking care of my temple while you are a lazy ass watching me :-)

The Unwelcome Guest said...

It keeps my ass looking hot.

Anonymous said...

It will hopefully prevent me from having a heart attack at an early age? It's easier than getting my lazy friends together to participate in a game of football/soccer/hockey/any sport? It's rewarding? Etc.

Ryan Mulligan said...

You're right. After I ran the four minute mile and the Boston Marathon I decided why continue when I am already such a titan of fitness.