Wednesday, September 16, 2009

this is who I created myself as

a quote from a dear friend: "this is who I created myself as" continues to spin in my head after 3 months have passed.

on an existential level, it smacks of things deep and hidden.

my friend explained to me the impetus behind such splendor:
- we have made choices, for better or worse - but our choices nonetheless
- these choices have defined us
- these choices have changed us
- these choices have created us as we are

like it or not, "this is who I created myself as" - this is who you created yourself as

what choices are you making today that will create who you are to be?
- these choices may be direct or indirect, but choices allthesame

who is the person deep inside you desire to be?
who is the person deep inside you were created to be?

are you enabling these changes or inhibiting them?

as you peer into the mirror tonight before you drift off to sleep - ask yourself honestly - am I satisfied with who I created myself as?


Anthem said...

ps - I take no credit for the beautiful picture attached to this post.

my friend who inspired this is also the one who captured the photographic image.

mud_rake said...

" ask yourself honestly - am I satisfied with who I created myself as?"

Why shouldn't I? After all, I am who I am and, if 'created' differently, I would be another.

There are other factors in one's 'creation' of self that skew the end result.

Are they factored in as well?

Interesting thoughts...

Anthem said...

mud_rake: welcome, thanks for stopping past.

- which other factors are you thinking of?

mud_rake said...

- which other factors are you thinking of?

Personal history, relatives, financial situation, race, genetic make-up, fate, inherited religious beliefs...

A person is hardly 'in charge' of his/her self-creation.

I just returned from a 2-week visit to the relatives in Germany [I was the first American descendant to return to the Black Forest village since my grandfather left in 1881].

The DNA of my family is strong [we look alike] but the memes [do you know this concept?] are even stronger. The "religious" meme that I inherited from this family is difficult to describe. Perhaps these words: 'confusing' 'rebellious' 'vagrant' 'suspicious' and 'hypocritical'.

In fact, there is a book written about my family by a fairly well known German author, a cousin, in which he satirizes the religious hypocrisy of the family.

Memes and genes. Interesting collection of 'stuff' that impacts the self in ways that cannot be imagined.