Wednesday, July 29, 2009

belligerent obscurity

do you care enough to leave your comfort? enough to entertain interruptions? enough to give something of yourself - your time, your life, your resources?

I don't care who you are. I don't care if you subscribe to Jesus, buddha, atheism, agnosticism, or a melange. If what you follow does not include the compassionate care of others, you are missing an integral aspect to life.

If your hatred or ambivalence towards God spills over to your fellow human being - you're lacking.
If your passion or fervour towards God does not spill over to your fellow human being - you're lacking.

Regardless of where you stand with God - if your life does not include care for others, my friend - you are truly lacking.

Show me how your self-indulgent narcissism has added value to another. Show me how your ego-centric thinking has improved another.

Or possibly, you pay lip-service to caring. You feign at sacrifice. You robotically appease your conscience.

do you care enough?

ps - just chalk this up as another unfounded guilt-trip, relegated to belligerent obscurity


The Unwelcome Guest said...

I know this is beside the point, but you are an inspiring individual. I love this. Well done.

canadianhumility said...

Sign me up for robotic appeasement.

I wish I could give more. I'm not convinced that anybody is interested in me giving anything anymore, at least intimately, honestly, and with complete love for the person.

And I know that I don't like people enough anymore to do that for just anybody.

I want to start time-tithing. For others.