Wednesday, August 5, 2009

you're boring

I'm in a strange mood (might be the v-neck)...

having just returned from speaking at camp for the week, my outlook seems different. not earth-shattering epiphane-type stuff. just a tweak here and a tweak there.

Christians overall are pretty boring. but not for the reasons you might initially think. not because of legalism. not because of morals (well, maybe a weird misinterpretation). but because they're just plain boring.

where's the life? where's the love? where's the flavour?

the Jesus I know had life, had love and had flavour. having just walked through the sermon on the mount, something that comes to mind is Jesus' call for his followers to be salt.

yaddi, yadda - old news for you?

salt brings flava (flavour)

you follow Jesus? stop being so boring. live a full life. live a life full of love. and at least try to have a little flavour and add a little to this world while you're at it.


Colin said...

Are Christians boring? They seem to seldom go out, are experts in frugality, and often stick to the conservative. I guess this would be the description of some, but I think many often break this mold. I think sometimes we're so worried about what other people will think of us that we are content to live boring lives, as long as no one sees us in any negative light. Maybe its time to stop worrying about making a mistake and just live life.

The Unwelcome Guest said...

Christians are quite possibly the most boring people on the planet. Wine must be consumed in moderation (even though Jesus clearly had no problem with excessive drinking). Movies/television/music must be enjoyed through some bizarre purity lens. Sex is scandalous unless it's saved for marriage. Becoming un-boring requires more than just living a "full life of love". What does that even mean?

If you want your readers to stop being boring, how would you suggest they do this? By volunteering at a homeless shelter? By fighting for the oppressed, the disenfranchised, the destitute? These things are wonderful, but they don't make someone un-boring. Tell your readers/congregation to drop the legalistic approach to Christ -- to not feel guilty for saying "fuck" or having 5 glasses of wine or sleeping with their girlfriend -- and maybe, just maybe, they'll lose the "boring" label.

Dallas Verity said...

that v-neck is bringing out the worst in you. Starbucks saw you coming and closed for renos.
Seriously though...
The church (Christians) used to be at the forefront of most things creative and "flavaful", but now we are to afraid to offend people, we choose seclusion and safety as opposed to danger and jesusness.
Maybe if more of us follow your lead and wear v-necks, we will stir it up a little.

Anthem said...

my wife tells me I'm too negative in my blogs. she's quite possibly right. intention is not to 'pick' on Christians. my intention is to awake the sleeping. I do this, not because I am so full of life and am so un-boring myself - I do this because I too need awakening.

I do not submit that Christians 'do' things strictly for the purpose of being un-boring. rather, as an outflowing of the creative life that God has placed in everyone.

my suggestion?

rejoice with those who rejoice
mourn with those who mourn

actually caring about others deeply enough to mourn or rejoice will be anti-boring

when our hands are messy because we care less for ourselves and more for others - our lives will cease to be boring.

this may seem idealistic and possibly even diluded - and I'm ok with that.

the selfishness that permeates most areas of life, though exciting at the time will bring loss. that goes too for the selfish Christian with little to no time for others.

my intention is not to be un-boring for its sake alone because great things may be found in the seemingly mundane.

there is a cruial difference between stillness and boredom.

as you sit beside the dying in absolute silence, the most profound may be there.

and as you sit at the party, surrounded by hundreds of people, the most boring may be there.

The Unwelcome Guest said...

Is it my imagination or did my most recent comment -- and your most recent response -- suddenly vanish into thin air?

Anthem said...

not your imagination.

I regretted taking liberties and thought it would be best to remove it altogether.

our most recent exchange consisted of the following:

Guest -
"Everything else you advocate in your comment I wholeheartedly agree with -- but it can all be done regardless of one's religious affiliation."

Anthem -
"as for affliation. I encourage anyone to live this lifestyle of selflessness, but I find it impossible to do so without the love of Christ (though I'm sure there are countless who disagree with me)"

canadianhumility said...

"actually caring about others deeply enough to mourn or rejoice will be anti-boring."

I felt this part deserved reposting.

I have thought for quite some time that Christians are horrible at relationship, despite the fact that their sole effective method of "saving people" is dependent on relationship.

Most Christians don't like mourning. They only enjoy celebrating. They have never had to mourn; it is frightening to think that they have to do it with somebody else.

They are trained to do it alone, so that nobody can see them and imagine that they have done something wrong.

I think it needs reposting again.

"actually caring about others deeply enough to mourn or rejoice will be anti-boring."

Anonymous said...

i think that the answer to make christians less boring is to add a new law that forces every christian to get drunk and remove the stick that's in that place where the sun don't shine... hehehe...

fixed it!!!

Mission Musings said...

We are built for community. There are many who have not experienced grief by sharing it. A burden beared is a burden shared. At Souls Harbour Rescue Mission we have seen how constant loss brings one to the pit of despair and despondancy.

Every day we work with men and women, encouraging them to open up and start talking. It takes time, but people gain the hope they need to reclaim their life from the destruction of alcohol and drugs.

If you want to be less boring, commit a part of your life to relieving the poverty and tragedy around us, and become part of our RESCUE team!