Wednesday, March 24, 2010


I don't know what David Bowie was singing about, I'm sure a quick google search would answer it for me - but I like the song nonetheless.

what is it about change that affects people so?
I've heard lots of thoughts and opinions on the subject - but I still don't grasp it.
why is it so difficult?
and why is it that those who are proposing change are usually viewed negatively?

now, not all change is good or better. but can we not have room for discussion? because not all change is bad or worse.

what are we so afraid of?

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Curtis Slater said...

I think part of it stems from our natural affinity to the familiar. Change is work, regardless of whether it is good or bad. Change requires that we do things differently, learn new ways of doing things, change our habits and actions. Change requires us to ask questions again. Is this a good change? Bad change? It is far easier to just leave things the way they are. Don't disturb the bee-hive. Sure there is the hope you might get some honey, but chances are a few bees will join the party as well.