Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I'm dying

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now, before you think this is a shameless way to get you to read my blog (well, maybe you're right) stick with me.

it's true: I'm dying.

but so are you.

maybe I'm a realist, maybe I'm morbid - so be it.

every day that we are alive we are one day closer to dying - like it or not, it's reality.

I've heard it asked: "how would you live today if you knew you were going to die tomorrow?"
- what decisions would you make?
- what conversations would you have?
- which people would you be with?
- what would you eat?

and I've found myself desiring to live as if I'm going to die soonish.
- love more
- dance more
- sing more
- create more

BUT - I cannot.

the mundanity of life overwhelms.
- eat
- sleep
- work

my question: is there a balance to be found here? somewhere between responsible planning and carpe diem?

how can I live fully today and still go on to live fully tomorrow? the thought itself is fatiguing.

but what am I passing on today to salvage energy for tomorrow, only to pass on then?


I'm dying and so are you.

today, let us grab someone we love, declare our love for them, as we dance and sing and create something beautiful.

or not -I'm too tired.

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