Tuesday, September 28, 2010

good news?

so there's this phrase in churchianity called 'good news'

we find it in english translations of the Bible
I hear it from the pulpit. I see it in the propaganda (maybe too harsh)
but like many churchy phrases, this one is seemingly losing its meaning and depth and power
it's become so engrained in church culture, that rarely does one stop to remember

so, let us stop.

good news.

- is it actually good? or has it become just news for you?
- and is it actually news? or has it become just...well, I don't know...

what do you have in good news if you find it neither good nor news?

there are those who talk about this good news with little thought beyond their 'ticket to heaven'
there are those who talk about this good news with smugness as they 'condemn to hell'
there are those who talk about this good news in ignorance of those in need

what did the angel mean in telling the shepherds that a Saviour had been born - Christ the Lord?

this is bigger than your ticket to heaven
this is bigger than your pride (thank God!)
this is bigger than your ignorance

Jesus is Lord.

so, fellow journeying soul - is this still good news?
and if so - what becomes of it?


Chris said...

Thanks for this post and the shake up on the good news. I believe there is still good news! I love the fact that I have a Spirit of Adoption not a spirit of slavery. That's an awesome thing! I've been brought into the family and Jesus saved me! I want to tell more people that the same things are available for all people!

Anonymous said...

Sometimes I have a tough time getting excited day in and day out. there are select days when, yes, I am really excited but for the most part it feels like a burden

canadianhumility said...

Burden absolutely. Not to live my life filled with don't, but to live it filled with do's.

How do I live like Jesus in a globalized world? Where the act of purchasing gas not only destroys the environment, but also calls into question my relationship with others on this planet. Do I care that oil companies that sell me their gasoline have pushed tribes from traditional lands in Nigeria, or "employ" children in Venezuela?

The good news is a misnomer to anybody worldly enough to be concerned about our behaviours altering the survival of our neighbours.

But then again, I suppose the good news would make more sense if one was to believe in one's personal and eternal salvation - which seems like a distorted conception of God's character to me... but thats opening another bag of chips without finishing the first one...