Wednesday, June 17, 2009

social (in)action

There is a pendulum. It swings back and forth. From one generation to the next, attempting to right the 'wrongs' of the past, attempting to bring balance.

The pendulum has swung. It has swung back away from the overly personalized Christian faith. Many have become increasingly aware of the lack of social action complementing Christianity. Simply attending a church has left many wanting - desiring their faith to 'be'.

It has swung back to the question: "what does it look like to be a Christian?" We've swung to the point where social action defines our faith. Many people I know are looking for ways to 'live out' their faith.

I agree, there has been a lack of this component to Christianity. I would even go so far as to say that our following Jesus is dependant on our servanthood. We must be about what is Jesus is about: the poor, the needy, the marginalized, the oppressed. The pendulum needed to be swung. And swung it has.


my question is: has this just become the new lip-service?

"We need to feed the hungry."
"We need to give to the needy."
"We need to care for the orphans."
"We need to bring justice."
...and the list goes on.

We rattle these off without batting an eye and yet, rarely do I see the actions to actually back this up. People will sit across the table from me, eyes glistening with passion and fervor - telling me of the lack of social action within the Church, sharing with me the needs that have gone unmet. Saying "something must be done"...and then walking away feeling proud and doing NOTHING about it.

Don't tell me about these needs if you are not willing to 'do' anything yourself.
Don't point out to me the problem and not attempt at a solution.
Don't sit across from me, look me in the eye and lie to me.
Don't delude yourself.

What's worse than doing nothing?
Knowing something needs to be done, telling people about it and then doing nothing.

What I see is social (in)action.

I know the temptation will be to ask: "well, what are you doing, Tyson?"


I'm writing this because I have observed this lack in my life and I'm betting there may be a lack in yours.

If, however, you are perfect at this - then all power to you.

If not...join the club, and let's together no longer accept this new lip-service, shall we?


Brad Fraser said...

I'm definitely a part of that club. Anyone have a resource list of sorts of different organizations or opportunities in Regina to actually meet some of these needs ?

Anthem said...

Brad, I'm so glad you asked. This Saturday from 9:30-3:30 we're serving Soul's Harbour of Regina as they renovate their new Youth Centre at the corner of Dewdney Ave & Athol St.

Check out:

Come out and bring a few friends.

Brad Fraser said...

Nice. What is the actual address for the building ? It doesn't list it on the facebook event. Do you have any other events/resources to take note of as well ?