Monday, March 30, 2009

attention so-called Christians

so, you call yourself a Christian? why?

because you go to church? congrats!
because you pray before you eat, or before a test, or when you get a flat-tire? wow
because you own a Bible? so does every hotel room
because you have a fish-decal on your car or some 'witty' sticker? you still drive like a moron
because you don't swear? just under your breath or with words like frick or crap
because you don't have sex before marriage? not that you'd admit anyways, but...
because you judge those who aren't like you? but you wouldn't call it judging - you would call it lovingly concerned

because...we could go on, couldn't we? it because you:

feed the hungry?
give drink to the thirsty?
welcome strangers?
clothe the naked?
care for the sick?
visit the prisoners?

- let's do this is Jesus' name.


Anonymous said...

Many of the christians i know are what i like to call "weekend christians". They generally go to church every sunday, act all christian at church in front of all their christian friends ( who undoubtedly put on this charade also). But once they leave the church they act like any other person.

I am an atheist, so the so called christians that i see day to day have no clue how a true christian would actually act. Jesus gave a list of guidelines for how follower should act. Many of these guidelines have been written off by the general christian public. Guidelines like "sell your possessions and give to the poor" are ignored by most Christians.

Why do christians do this? Is it because that they are lazy, or do they not understand how important these guidelines were to jesus?


Anthem said...

Gilarax, thank you for your comment. I appreciate your candidness.

Honestly, I have many of the same questions you do. More personally - I ask these of myself, which is deeply disturbing. I believe how Jesus is calling us to follow him are more than just requests or guidelines - they are commands for those who choose to follow him.

I hate the fact that I have misrepresented the Jesus I love. I hate the fact that people see (quite accuratey) how pathetically so many 'christians' follow Jesus, and are turned off because of that.

Jesus is attractive. Jesus is intriguing. Jesus begs us to ask deep questions of ourselves, this world, existence and what this is all for.

Jesus deserves far better than those who claim his name-sake give him.

Carolyn said...

Well said. Or well asked...