Thursday, January 7, 2010


I am going with a team to Uganda. We leave in just under a month.

During that time I hope to 'consistently' update the blog I've created for the trip, FBC Watoto Project.

Please follow along with our journeys, joys, miseries and experiences as we serve the children of Uganda.


mud_rake said...

May I inquire as to how you will 'serve the children of Uganda'?

Tyson said...

yes, you may.

we took a team of 26 people to work with an organization called, Watoto to build 2 classrooms.

we took along clothes, medical supplies and other necessities to give.

we served them by supporting a sustainable organization that will continue to serve them, giving them homes, families, education, food, medicine, a life and a future.

and I miss them already.